We love to provide you crypto faucets, games and casino offers.
In order to claim your crypto, we just require a few steps.


In order to claim your crypto, you first need to create an account on FaucetPay.
We ask you to do this in order to send you the crypto you claim on your wallet.

FaucetPay allow small amount payout, with low fees for withdrawals.

Get your crypto address from the user dashboard, on the deposit section, and select the crypto you want to claim.

Do you want to boost your earnings?

To boost your earnings, you have two options you can use.

You can share your referral link to people and earn 50% of their claims.
You personnal referral link is:
https://thefaucet.org/index.php/dogecoin/?r=Your Address 


You can boost your earning by being an active user of the faucet.
We reward up to 15% additionnal earnings to active user.

How to withdraw your earnings on FaucetPay

Please follow their tutorial.